The challenges of our time changed…

Despite globalization and industrialization, we have not solved the problems humans have lived with long before the rise of the romans.

Do we fail to solve these problems?
Or aren’t we trying hard enough? Don’t we dare, cause most of us aren’t affected?

Do we starve? Are most of us just looking at our modern problems such as information overload and economic crises?

For a lot of people these aren’t the main problems we need to solve. There are still people starving and struggling to survive.

Hunger. Lack of drinking water. Poor hygiene.

What could help to compensate modern problems and fight the “ancient” ones?

Innovation, Progress?

Corporate goals are often enforced out of greed. Neither the will of innovation nor providing a solution is the main impulse!

Setting up a business won’t affect most of the problems. However, the real growth, the maintenance of values and the desire for innovation, anchored in the corporate codex, could be a step in the right direction.

80% of the corporate income is used for research, innovation and non profit projects.

The seetheprogress UG is heading into an innovative future and hopefully can provide great value to the people living on this planet.
We try to accomplish our goals with a variety of projects.

The seetheprogress UG

Founder Michael Grosser